Gut health is core to all underlying chronic health issues. Optimizing condition-specific care within this ecosystem can improve its overall functional capacity and the resulting health outcomes.

Join John P. Troup, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at Hyperbiotics, and Diane Alexander, Ph.D., with Probi USA, for this educational webinar examining gastrointestinal health and its impact on systems biology.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why the gut is central to health in a systems approach of patient care,
  • Why both diversity and Precision Biotic Use and Selection matter
  • How Synbiotics can maximize healthy gut function
  • About Condition Specific Benefits

Please note, Hyperbiotics products are currently available only in the US Fullscript Catalog.

John P. Troup, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at Hyperbiotics
John P. Troup, Ph.D., serves as Chief Science and Education Officer for Hyperbiotics.As a leading industry expert with more than 25 years of successful category and clinical nutrition experience, Dr. Troup provides key insights on the innovation, selection and use of Hyperbiotics products and advances educational insights to help practitioners and consumers select products to support healthy lifestyles.

Prior to joining Hyperbiotics, Dr. Troup served as a member of the senior management team at several Fortune 50 consumer nutrition health businesses including Pfizer, Novartis, Nestle/Wyeth and Unilever. He also led teams at several dietary supplement companies including Metagenics and Standard Process.

Throughout his career, Dr. Troup has led educational and clinical research initiatives that advanced the important role of nutrition in healthcare and dietary supplements. He has also been active in advancing and growing the dietary supplement industry and has been a consulting expert preparing new legislation and regulations for modernization of DSHEA.

Dr. Troup is a married father of two grown daughters. Outside of the workplace he enjoys travel, cooking, and fitness activities.

Diane Alexander, Ph.D.
North America Sales Director, Probi USA, Inc.

Diane Alexander is currently the North America Sales Director for Probi USA, Inc. With over ten years in the dietary supplement industry, Diane leverages her training as a microbiologist to connect clinical research demonstrating benefits of probiotics with commercial solutions enabling consumers to improve their health.

Dr. Alexander received her bachelor’s degree in microbiology for Penn State University and her doctorate in microbiology from Washington University in St. Louis and has authored over a dozen scientific publications