We know that every person needs optimal levels of B vitamins for energy production. In reality, the reach of the “Gang of B’s” and its trusty sidekick, choline, extends beyond the Krebs cycle, to methylation, detoxification, cognitive health for example. Clinically, this means that deficiencies of these nutrients, be they derived from diet or induced by genes, have significant implications for homeostasis.

Join nutrition experts Ashley Koff, RD, (The Better Nutrition Program) and Amanda Archibald, RD, (The Genomic Kitchen) for a deep dive into the Gang of B’s.

In this webinar, Ashley Koff and Amanda Archibald, RD, will discuss:

  • Genomic considerations
  • Observations in nutrient deficiencies from clinical practice and laboratory testing
  • How to assess the Gang of B’s to truly personalize recommendations

Learn how to make it easier and affordable to show your clients how their current Gang of B’s total nutrition does or does not meet their body’s current needs. Perform better when you have the tools to show your patients how genetics and other labs provide insights that combined with their total nutrition, health, and lifestyle data empower you to personalize their recommendations. Live attendees will get a bonus offer and all registrants will have access to the recording.

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