Fasting and Autophagy Biohacks With Dr. Daniel Pompa

With Dr. Pompa’s Multi-Therapeutic approach, you will utilize tools to reach the ultimate state of autophagy, which is when your body rids itself of bad cells and DNA. Your stem cells surge, you experience brain clarity, and your body uses its excess energy for healing. You will experience hormone optimization and a reset microbiome for gut healing.

What you’ll learn:
-What is your story/how did you become a detox and fasting expert and educator?
-What is ‘autophagy’ and how do you reach that state?
-How can we optimize our hormones, especially as we age?
-Implementing a multi-therapeutic dietary approach to health and healing
-How to age in reverse and build muscle while burning fat.
-Breaking through weight loss plateaus, even while on a low-carb diet
-Fat burning vs. Sugar burning
-Why do we need to detox?
-What do we look for if we suspect we need to detox?
-How can we get into ketosis? How do we know if we’re in autophagy?
-Are carbs bad?
-Do you recommend regular, strenuous workouts?
-What is your True Cellular Detox program?