Crack the Compliance Code: The secret to improving patient outcomes, gaining your freedom, and restoring your sanity

Patient adherence is a growing challenge for practitioners across all specialties and treatments. Without a solid commitment to their treatment, many patients will falter in their compliance and continue to suffer from their current diagnoses. This lack of compliance leaves practitioners in a continual battle that almost always leads to personal burn-out and frustrations.

In this presentation, Freedom Practice Coaching’s founder, Dr. Charles Webb, will offer a solution to the continual cycle of illness and poor compliance – practitioners as mentors. When practitioners position themselves as mentors that will help guide patients to a health destination (rather than present fee-for-service treatments to treat symptoms), patients are more likely to adhere to treatment and co-labor with the practitioner to reach true health.

Dr. Webb will focus on four key steps that practitioners can take now to help position themselves as health mentors, including:

  • Pre-educating potential patients
  • Attracting ideal patients
  • Swapping fee-for-service treatment for customized programs
  • Embracing a new mindset

Participants will learn:

  • Marketing strategies that attract ideal clients
  • How to increase adherence by educating potential patients BEFORE they become clients. (pre-education)
  • How to introduce the idea of health as a destination rather than treating symptoms individually.
  • How to build customized programs to replace fee-for-service options
  • Mindset strategies that help build confidence and inspire patients