You may be feeding your body the correct nutrients, but they are useless if your body’s cells can’t absorb them properly.

Autophagy is necessary to maintain cellular health and assist in preventing the growth of malicious cells. Genetic testing for autophagy mutations can help you identify how your body works, as well as nutrients and supplements that would be specifically beneficial to you. Dr. Kendal Stewart, MD, will explain what genes affect Autophagy and go over the selected nutrients for Autophagy support.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Understand what Autophagy is and why we should pay attention to this process
  • Review genes that tell us the state of Autophagy in your patients
  • Discover recommended nutrients and supplements created by Dr. Stewart for Autophagy and Neurobiologix
  • Find what medical conditions are associated with Autophagy and how to treat