Running a practice efficiently can be a daunting task especially as businesses are adapting to the ever-changing times and practitioners are forced to find ways to provide the same personal touch to the care they provide to their patients. It’s also important to find the right tools that will make your life easier.

Tune into this webinar with Fullscript Integrations Specialist, Alan Karani, and the Content Creator at Jane, Alex Hamilton, as they discuss ways to automate your practice with the Fullscript and Jane solutions.

In this webinar, the hosts will discuss:

  • The benefits of running a virtual practice
  • How to improve patient experience and retention by leveraging Jane’s Patient self-check-in and online scheduling
  • How to streamline your workflow by creating charting templates within Jane
  • How to incorporate dietary supplements into your treatment plan
  • The benefits of the Fullscript and Jane integrations