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Resources from Experts: Transitioning to a Virtual Practice

If you’re transitioning to a virtual practice, here are a few trusted sources to help you get started.

The ability to practice and connect with patients meaningfully from anywhere is becoming a necessity during this global health crisis, and while going virtual might seem intimidating, there are experts who are willing to share tips and tricks to make it a smooth and positive experience for you and your patients.

Dr. Dan Kalish, DC the founder of Kalish Institute, and Dr. Meghan Walker, ND CEO of Clinician Business Labs, have put together resources for any integrative healthcare practitioners interested in learning what it takes to get their practice up and running virtually. Below, you’ll see what to expect from each course and how to register.

Kalish Institute

Dan Kalish, DC, IFMCP, is the founder of the Kalish Institute, an online practice implementation training program dedicated to building integrative and functional medical practices through clinical and business courses. Since 2006, the Kalish Institute has helped develop practice models for over 1,000 practitioners world-wide.

Course information

Transition to Telemedicine: Quick Start Course

This free seminar series is for practitioners looking to transition to telemedicine.

Course format:

  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Twice-weekly live sessions

The live sessions will provide a forum for you to get answers to specific questions, and to help overcome any barriers you may experience in setting up your telemedicine clinic. They will allow us, as a community, to share experiences and insights to help build vibrant online practices. Starting a telemedicine practice on your own can seem overwhelming, but joining a group with highly experienced telehealth practitioners to coach you along the way will help you get started quickly.

Course material:

  • Intro to Business Operations: “How to get started” lessons on business operations including:
    • The required equipment.
    • Software options that are intuitive and inexpensive.
    • Digital office tools that are essential to running a telemedicine practice.
  • Sales and Marketing: How you can “sell to your install base”
    • How to start marketing to your existing patients, and then expand.
    • How to transfer to an online delivery format.
      • A look at email follow-up systems that can personalize your patients’ online experience.
    • How to build a robust tracking system for labs and supplement sales to boost patient compliance and the number of scheduled follow-up visits.
  • Personnel Requirements: Finding the right fit for your practice
    • Online health coach
    • Clinical care coordinator
    • Administrative assistant
  • Legal, Business and Financial Planning Issues
    • Removing barriers to launching a telemedicine practice

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Dr. Meghan Walker, ND

Meghan Walker is a successful businesswoman and Naturopathic Doctor who believes in removing or mitigating the obstacles to good health and living an authentic, purpose-driven life. She treats people, not conditions.

Virtual Practice Toolkits

Our world has changed. Not just as practitioners, but as global citizens. While our environment is filled with uncertainty, the online space has provided each of us as practitioners with an opportunity to continue to serve and operate our businesses. Addressing the needs of your patients requires swift and strategic action. While many practitioners are eager to step up, many are uncertain about where to start.

Course information

In the last week, in collaboration with community experts, Meghan Walker and her team at Clinician Business Labs have pulled together a free virtual toolkit to assist you in immediately transitioning your practice online.

The training modules form a complete course to assist in navigating this pivot. The resources specifically reference regulatory and marketing matters that are especially relevant during this evolving global pandemic.

With the assistance of industry experts, it covers:

  • Regulatory considerations for moving to telemedicine.
  • Managing the patient experience in the transition to online care.
  • Immediate strategies for manual practitioners to maintain continuity of care.
  • Legal considerations when transitioning to telemedicine.
  • Marketing strategies in challenging times.
  • Tech requirements when transitioning your practice.
  • A mindset series to support practitioners and their patients/clients.

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Here for you

Your practice matters to us, and so do your patients. We hope these resources help you connect with your clients meaningfully during this crisis while continuing to grow an impactful, healthy practice that can spread wellness from anywhere.

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