Research Update: Astaxanthin and Sesamin for Fatigue

Researchers evaluated the effect of a mixed supplement containing astaxanthin and sesamin on subjective fatigue.

Sleep: What the Science Says

An integrative approach to the treatment of sleep concerns may include various dietary supplements and sleep hygiene practices.


Melatonin, a neurotransmitter-like compound produced by the pineal gland in response to darkness, is primarily involved in the regulation of sleep patterns.

Research Update: Melatonin for Delayed Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder

The Delayed Sleep on Melatonin (DelSoM) study evaluated the effectiveness of melatonin supplementation in patients with delayed sleep-wake phase disorder.

Research Update: Aged Garlic for Immunity and Inflammation

Researchers at the University of Florida conducted a study to explore whether aged garlic extract would modulate chronic inflammation in obese subjects.

Autoimmune Conditions: What the Science Says

An integrative approach to the treatment of autoimmune conditions may incorporate dietary and nutrient therapy, as well as lifestyle interventions.

Research Update: Vitamin D and Type 1 Diabetes

In the TEDDY study, researchers examined whether 25(OH)D concentration in infancy and childhood was associated with the development of islet autoimmunity.


Probiotics in Immune Conditions

Maintaining immune function through modulation of the gut microbiome can help to prevent or treat a wide variety of conditions.

Research Update: Rose Hip and UTIs

Researchers in Iran conducted a triple-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial to evaluate the preventive effect of R. canina fruit capsules against UTIs.