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Treatment Plans Version 1

Written Dec 12th, 2013 by

At Fullscript we have been working diligently to evolve our software to be more than just a virtual dispensary. Our goal is to enhance Fullscript (based on your feedback) into a complete practice tool that benefits both you and your patients.

Since launching our Smart Dispensary in the US (May 2013) we have recognized that the most successful practitioners on Health Wave send their supplement protocol using our prescription feature. This feature has not only increased success for practitioners, but increased patient compliance and has a positive impact on patient health.

Last week we quietly announced V1 of what we call Treatment Plans (an enhancement of the prescription feature). This feature includes:

We call this V1 because there is plenty of room to improve this feature and Health Wave in general.

The reason I wanted to personally write this post is because of what this feature release signals to us. It signals the starting point of Health Wave’s bigger vision: creating a platform for integrative health professionals to deliver the best level of care.

We still have a long way to go, but I believe that with your support and our passion we are well on our way to building a practice tool made specifically for integrative professionals instead of software that is retrofitted to accommodate them.

Now with all this talk… why not click on the image below and take a look at some of the things Health Wave is currently working on and let us know what you think:

HW Roadmap

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