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Epigenetics has burst onto the scene as an essential area for practitioners to understand, yet savvy practitioners are struggling to grasp the role epigenetics play in their patients’ health. Epigenetics explains how a gene’s expression can be turned on and off through the interaction with environmental surroundings. These “surroundings” include smoking, mismatched diets, air pollution, stress, lack of sleep, and more.

Join Dr. Robert Silverman as he breaks down the different genetic panels and explores the role epigenetics place in activating key SNPs. This webinar will also focus on understanding and implementing epigenetic protocols, allowing practitioners to take personalization to an even more specific level, decreasing trial and error, and saving the patient time and money.

After this webinar, clinicians will be able to:

  • Understand the types of environmental inputs that affect their patients’ DNA expression
  • Explain the role nutritional SNPs play in the epigenetic support of patients’ DNA results
  • Discover the synergistic role of DNA and serum tests and when to order each test
  • Employ functional nutrition protocols that work in synergy with epigenetic tests
  • Receive detailed protocols enabling practitioners to begin Monday-morning implementation