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Written Nov 25th, 2014 by Franco Varriano

Refill Reminders

Does this sound familiar? You create a personalized treatment plan for your patient to help them get well, and you follow up only to find out they haven’t been adherent with your protocol. This can happen for a variety or reasons, but the most common is your patient simply forgets to reorder when their supply is running low.

Today, we’re releasing a new feature called Refill Reminders.

How Refill Reminders Work

When creating a virtual prescription on Fullscript, you now have the option of choosing which products the patient should be reminded to reorder.

Here’s what it looks like:

Sample refill reminder on a prescription

Once your patient places an order, we will send them the following email 30 days later asking if they need a refill:

refill reminder email

The email will direct your patient to their Fullscript prescription where they can easily refill their order, and if they already have enough supply they can ask to be reminded again later.

It looks great on mobile devices too:

refill reminder on mobile phone

What about In-Office Ordering?

Refill Reminders work as a perfect compliment to In-Office Ordering.

An in-office order allows your patients to purchase products at the time of visit, and now with Refill Reminders your patients receive an email reminder 30 days later directing them to your online dispensary in case they need a refill.

It’s convenient for your patients and helps alleviate headaches for your admin staff since your patients can easily reorder on their own time from their computer, tablet, or mobile mobile phone.

Try it out!

We’re excited about this feature and we think Refill Reminders will help your patients stay on track with your supplement protocol.

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