Quality: Always Authentic Products

by Fullscript

A common concern when buying supplements online is that what’s in the bottle doesn’t match what’s written on the outside of the bottle. Notably, the New York attorney general sent cease and desist letters to prominent retailers in early 2015 due to many of their products not containing the ingredients that were listed on the label or that the the quantities listed were inaccurate.

At Fullscript, we help practitioners and patients by taking away that worry about counterfeit products.

We take quality very seriously. Not only are the products that we add to our catalog certified GMP, but we ensure that all products on the Fullscript platform are authentic. They are what they say they are. We can guarantee this because we work directly with manufacturers or approved suppliers. We also make sure that we store and ship products according to manufacturer’s instructions so you’re getting the experience you’ve come to expect from the brands you trust.

Why is this important to you?

As a practitioner working with Fullscript, you never have to worry about whether you are sending your patient a prescription that is different than what you intended.

As a patient receiving a Fullscript prescription, you never have to worry about whether the products you purchased are different than the those recommended to you by your practitioner.

With Fullscript, you’re always using AUTHENTIC products.

Practitioners can prescribe confidently, and patients can purchase with confidence.

This is the Fullscript advantage.