Product Catalog Updates (Canada) - July 2017

We’re continually expanding the availability of supplements on Fullscript thanks to your support & feedback.

Here are just some of the newest additions to the Fullscript Canada product catalog – you can find all Catalog updates for this month here.

Bio-B6 by Cyto-Matrix

BIO-B6 by Cyto-Matrix

This formula provides a high dose of B6 among a balanced array of B vitamins in their bioactive forms. Beyond repleting a stressed system, B6 can treat symptoms of PMS and nausea; lower homocysteine levels and replenish deficiencies due to B6 depleting pharmaceuticals. Methionine, choline and inositol are lipotrophic agents supporting fat metabolism, liver and kidney function. The addition of Vitamin C improves the absorption of the B vitamins and enhances this formulation's antioxidant capacity.

Ultimate Omega 2X by Nordic Naturals

The next generation of fish oil, Ultimate Omega® 2X features our new, ultra-concentrated omega oil. In a slightly larger soft gel that delivers 1000 mg EPA+DHA, this powerful concentrate offers one or two soft gel serving options to meet a broad range of nutritional needs.

Diaxinol by Ortho Molecular

Diaxinol by Ortho Molecular Products

Diaxinol® is a cutting-edge cardiovascular supplement combining well-studied natural ingredients and appropriate dosages for those seeking to maintain balanced blood sugar levels.

NRG Meal Bar by Designs for Health

NRG Meal Bar by Designs for Health

NRG Meal™ Bar is a delicious chocolate flavored coated nutrition bar, featuring 20 grams of protein and 19 grams of fiber per bar, along with the energy-supportive nutrients, carnitine and CoQ10. It is an excellent between-meal snack or pre/post-workout nourishment, as it helps support energy levels and satiety.

Pure Paleo Bar by Designs for Health

Pure PaleoBar Chocolate by Designs for Health

Pure PaleoBar™ is a great-tasting chocolate flavored nutrition bar which features a true Paleo profile. The protein blend in Pure PaleoBar™ uniquely combines bone broth protein isolate, hemp protein, and pumpkin seed protein. Together these three Paleo proteins create a comprehensive and complementary amino acid profile.