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Written Nov 6th, 2013 by Kyle Braatz

Prescriptions Made More Intuitive

Our current focus at Fullscript is to help increase patient compliance with respect to product/supplement protocol. In fact this has been our focus since launching in 2012. We have tried a number of things, but it is the prescription feature that has made the biggest impact. When we first released the prescription feature we saw instant results, increasing order conversion rates from 15% to over 80%. This has made a huge impact for our practitioners using Fullscript to promote and deliver better health to patients.

Well… we didn’t stop there and continued to make changes that will make writing and managing prescriptions more efficient. Here are the updates you will see and what you will experience when you write your next product prescription.

Start a prescription at any time

Previously when you wanted to write a prescription, you had to first select a patient and go from there. Now you can start writing a prescription from any page, whenever it comes to mind. We have added a global element that allows you to select and start the prescription writing process immediately.

A custom catalog make writing prescriptions quicker

Custom Categories

When writing prescriptions, you can use the custom categories that you created to quickly find the products you are looking for. You can choose them individually, or select the entire category to prescribe. The categories are located on the right hand side of the prescription screen. If you haven’t set up your custom categories you can visit your product catalog to start building. Creating custom categories will make writing prescriptions fast and efficient, saving you more time.

Set default dosage instructions for products you regularly prescribe

Dosage instructions saved as default

For each product you prescribe, you can write dosage instructions for your patient. If you regularly prescribe certain products with similar dosage instructions, you can now save these instructions as default. Using your instructions is a major time saver. Click here for instructions.

Quick access to a list of all your prescriptions

prescriptions list

The Prescriptions page provides you with a snapshot of all your prescriptions. You can view each prescription by state (draft, active or cancelled) and you can edit them directly from this page.

Add a picture to make a more personalized experience for your patients

photo feature

The user photos can add a personal and friendly touch to your dispensary that will ultimately help patient compliance and outcome. Click here to learn how.

A lot of the changes we made were done to make writing prescriptions easier and more efficient for you. This last change was made to create a more personalized experience for you and your patients. We have found that adding a picture actually increases compliance rate. It highlights the relationship between a practitioner and a patient specifically when they visit your dispensary and view their personalized prescriptions.

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