Practitioner Spotlight: Jayda Siggers, PhD, Certified Nutritionist

Jayda Siggers, PhD is a nutritionist in Ottawa, Ontario who has been practicing for 2 years now.  Fullscript recently got the chance to ask her why she uses our Smart Dispensary and how it has affected her practice and patient management.


Fullscript) What motivated you to practice integrative and natural health?

Jayda: While all my post-graduate training provided me with the skill-set to query, research and solve difficult questions it was not until I had my own two children that I was required to truly learn. More specifically, as it became evident that my eldest son was prone to bio-accumulating heavy metals, it was imperative that I fully commit myself to nutritional sciences and learn how to modify our lifestyle and dietary tendencies to achieve a more balanced state of health and well-being.

(Fullscript) Why did you sign up for Fullscript and create a Smart Dispensary?

Jayda: As a sole proprietor there is a fine balance of time spent doing work for your clients and time spent doing administrative tasks for your business. Fullscript has automated product ordering for me! No more phone calls to individual companies. No more follow up emails to clients. It is all done once I make the recommendation list. Additionally, I no longer need accounts with multiple different companies.

(Fullscript) How would you like Fullscript to evolve?

Jayda: In the future I hope to see Fullscript offer an online booking platform, and client relationship management platform 😉

Well Jayda… Stay tuned!