Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Jay Rappazzo, DC

Dr. Jay Rappazzo is a Chiropractor, Contemporary Medical Acupunctist, and Registered Massage Therapist. He has been in private practice for nearly 6 years.  He splits his time between his private practice, Back on Track, and the Ability Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic in down town Brampton Ontario.

(Fullscript): What motivated you to practice integrative medicine and natural health?

Dr. Rappazzo: At a young age I was exposed to sport and nutrition and experienced the benefits of healthy living. I have always held a belief in the ability for the human body to be able to heal and repair itself naturally.  I have always been an advocate of eating properly, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy mind and body balance. Treating the body as a whole to optimize its function and potential with an emphasis on preventing illness and disease.

(Fullscript): Why did you sign up for Fullscript and create a Smart Dispensary?

Dr. Rappazzo: Fullscript has helped to address the challenges of a constantly changing and near expiring inventory, large up front costs, dealing with endless supplement companies and patient compliance with supplement use.

(Fullscript): How does your Smart Dispensary facilitate your health care delivery?

Dr. Rappazzo: Fullscript has decreased the need to have a large inventory in the office, made it much easier for the patient to order and receive their product in a timely fashion and kept us current in the digital age.  It also offers the accessibility for patients accross the country to access their supplements and keep in touch