Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Amy Day, ND

This is a blog series profiling the philosophies, practices, and work spaces of integrative health professionals. This week we spoke with Dr. Amy Day, ND.

Tell us about your new practice in Berkeley, CA.

After working at a great group practice called San Francisco Natural Medicine for eight years, I decided it was time to move out on my own and to be closer to my family. For the past 18 months, I‘ve been in my new office inside of a yoga studio that is a five-minute bike ride from my house.

My specialty is women’s health and hormones and I teach a lot about balance, adrenal health and stress management so this move was part of me walking my own talk. To further leverage my time and effort, I work very deeply with a limited number of private patients and also provide support to larger numbers of women via workshops, women’s circles, group programs and online offerings.

How did you decide to use Fullscript?

I aim to keep things streamlined and make my life less complicated so I knew I didn’t want the hassle of stocking and maintaining an onsite pharmacy. Fullscript to the rescue! With your platform, I can provide a very sophisticated interface for my patients while expanding the options I have when choosing the best supplements for my patients. My patients love the ease of clicking an email link and placing their order without needing to search around and hope they got the right product. Refills are also easy and get sent directly to their front door.

What other favorite software tools are you using?

My EHR system is Charm and I’ve been very happy with them so far. I use them for online patient scheduling, intake questionnaires, secure messaging with patients and my virtual assistant, providing coded super bills, and for taking chart notes. They are HIPAA compliant and are constantly releasing new features that make it even better.

I use Aweber to maintain my email list and write my monthly e-newsletters. I think this is such an important part of providing ongoing value to the people I have connected with over the years. I highly recommend that all practitioners build their email list as a valuable asset for reaching out to your community when you have new offers or updates to share. I also offer a free report that Aweber sends automatically when people sign up on my main website or at This lets people know more about my approach and gives them something of value even before they might choose to work with me.

My new office is paperless and I’ve been happy with HelloSign for e-signatures, and cSRfax for online faxing. It took a while to figure out what would work well at the best prices, etc. I’ve had fun setting up my automated processes that now save me a lot of time. For example, my website has a request form (made in Aweber and embedded in my Wordpress site) for prospective new patients. When they complete that form, I get info about what they need help with, they get added to my newsletter list, they receive their free gift, and they get a link to an online calendar to schedule their free phone consultation. I just get a text notification when a new consult has been booked, day or night!

What’s next for you?

I fully realize that running my own practice will be an ever-evolving process, especially when using software that is changing at light speed. I look forward to even more tools that will help me deliver personalized services in easier and more effective ways. For now, social media is next on my list as I want to grow my reach and help more women get the support they need to prioritize their own health, even while balancing a million other things. Women are playing such an important role in the direction our world is moving and self-care will help make that movement more successful.

I’m also getting more involved in endometriosis medical education. I was diagnosed myself while in naturopathic medical school and have been treating women with endo for the past 10 years. Last year I was appointed to the board of directors for the Endometriosis Association and have been charged with improving education so more doctors can help women with this challenging condition. The association agrees that a natural holistic approach is needed. I have several events and articles coming out over the next year.

Suggestions or tips for new docs?

You can gain respect quickly by having a professional look and feel to your outreach. Get a URL from GoDaddy or the like so you aren’t using a Gmail address, make nice business cards, get a unique website up, and start building your email list.

I also suggest that you decide on a focus for your practice. It can change in the future but if you have a specialty, people will know to refer to you when they meet people who need that. Be yourself, be authentic, and be willing to stand out from the crowd. Create a talk about your topic and get out there to let people know how you can help them.

And, lastly, I always tell new docs to just care about your patients. Don’t stress too much about knowing the exact right treatment to tell them. Sit and listen and truly be there with them while they are in your office. You can always follow-up with your treatment plan suggestions later.

I often finish my Fullscript supplement recommendations after the patient has left the office and I’ve had a chance to think about it more and consider the options. This frees me up to be more present, create the most healing experience and answer all of their questions fully. When the patient feels heard and cared for, deep healing can happen. That’s a powerful part of our medicine and you probably already know how to do that very well.