Online Supplement Dispensing: A Tool For Practice Growth

Dispensing professional-grade supplements online is a smart, and time-effective way to generate passive income as an integrative practitioner. It also empowers patients to be more committed to their health.

As the supplement industry grows, so does the demand for health experts to share and supply what supplements they trust most with their patients. According to the Nutritional Business Journal, Americans spent $43.5 billion on supplements just in 2017 alone. And with 55% of supplement users identifying their physicians as a trusted source for reliable information on supplements.

In this practitioner spotlight, a Naturopathic Doctor breaks down seven benefits she has found through dispensing supplements to patients with Fullscript. Learn more about Dr. Alanna Kuhn, ND and how she has added value to her private medical practice by using Fullscript.

“I like to provide patients with options, and most of all I like to help them heal themselves. Fullscript’s virtual supplement dispensary gives me a bigger role in my patient’s healing journeys but still keeps them in charge.”
-Dr. Alanna Kuhn, ND [Fullscript Practitioner Since 2013]

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Americans spent $43.5 billion on supplements just in 2017 alone.

7 Benefits Of Using Fullscript

1. Generate A Passive Income Stream
Fullscript is a free software tool for dispensing supplements that can be used at no overhead cost to practitioners.

Fullscript absorbs all transaction fees and relevant taxes, so practitioners boost their revenue with no added fees. Fullscript also eliminates all risks that come with traditional supplement inventory. in-house.

“It can be very stressful keeping a private clinical practice financially stable”, according to Dr. Kuhn. “The one-on-one model of patient care is extremely rewarding, but also time-consuming. Giving patients access to an online supplement dispensary is an excellent source of passive income that empowers practitioners to change the way health is prescribed.”

2. Improve Patient Health Literacy
For patients to get the most from their visits, Dr. Kuhn says patients need to be willing to commit to their treatment plans.

“Patients need to work in partnership with their practitioner, and in order to do this effectively, they have to educate themselves.”

Fullscript has increased patient adherence rates for Dr. Kuhn, but she is even more impressed with the health care literacy among her patients from using the platform.

“Fullscript has gotten me more involved in my health care. By having access to Dr. Kuhn’s Fullscript catalog and baseline information on supplements, I ask more questions and seek information. I view Dr. Kuhn as my partner in decision-making when it comes to my health.”
-Heidi Blondin [Started seeing Dr. Alanna Kuhn in 2013]

From 2015-2017, Dr. Kuhn prescribed over 982 treatment plans to patients; 79% of which had order completions from Fullscript.

3. Reduce Administrative Duties and Stress
Fullscript simplifies workflow. It’s a stand-alone efficient software system that can be easily integrated with an electronic medical record system (EMR) if needed. No manual import is needed when starting a virtual dispensary with Fullscript.

The automatic direct deposit set up through Fullscript’s online dispensary allows office staff to confidently complete supplement orders, and they don’t deal with the headaches often associated with maintaining in-office inventory. Office staff, that might not have a clinical background, also have trust in Fullscript as an educational tool for patients.

“Fullscript allows my staff and I to spend time on the business as opposed to always spending time in the business.”
-Dr. Kuhn

Dr. Kuhn and her team have classified Fullscript to be an essential tool for everyday practice. It is one of the top 3 most used system helping the practice grow. With Fullscript, the office staff has more time for patient follow-up, marketing, growing the practice, and patient questions. There is no time wasted ordering inventory, or always running to check if supplements are in stock.

“I really like using Fullscript as the platform for supplement recommendations in our clinic, because not only is it extremely user-friendly, but it provides a number of benefits in relation to my workload. Without ordering, stocking and monitoring product inventory, it allows me more time to focus on other tasks at hand, such as providing more attention to patients. The importance of my role, in helping patients feel comfortable to connect with us and ask their questions has also been something I have more time for.

I have also had time to focus more on marketing related tasks – provide information to patients on what we can offer and events, expos and workshops that are taking place.

Fullscript also provides a lot of support to the patients in terms of product information, so if there is a question that I cannot answer for them, it is nice to know Fullscript is there for the support.”
-Patricia Cain [Dr. Kuhn’s Office Manager]

4. Provide More Individualized Care
By having access to thousands of professional grade supplements with no overhead costs, Fullscript offers practitioners, like Dr. Kuhn, the ability to individualize treatment plans for patients.

Unsure of what supplements you’d be recommending or what brands you’d like to use? Fullscript provides flexibility for practitioners to try out different brands without the risk of getting stuck with inventory.

Fullscript also gives patients time to process information and not feel pressured into a purchase. For patients who need a second to think a recommendation over, they can read up on product information and descriptions found in the Fullscript catalog.

5. Avoid Brand Biases
Fullscript provides practitioners with access to 300+ professional quality brands. By having access to a wide variety of professional grade supplements through Fullscript, Dr. Kuhn says she keeps her prescribing bias in check.

Fullscript practitioners regularly receive email updates about additions to the catalog. These email updates make it easy for practitioners to look at what’s being offered and review new products.

“I don’t ever feel pulled towards one adrenal supplement because I know that’s what I have on-hand or it might be expiring. There are no ‘close enough’ supplements with Fullscript.”
-Dr. Alanna Kuhn

6. Refill Reminders and Auto-Ship Function Improves Patient Adherence
When patients use Fullscript, they can order online or by phone. Dr. Kuhn believes the email refill reminders, sent to patients when they’re about to run out of a supplement, have played a key role in patient adherence.

Fullscript takes into account a practitioner’s specific dosage instructions when calculating the best time to send an email reminder to patients. And when buying a supplement using Fullscript, patients can also choose between an automatic subscription to treatment plans or manual ordering, which is prompted by refill reminders.

Dr. Kuhn says the transaction history kept for each patient on the Fullscript platform is also a great way to keep track of patient adherence or act as a reminder, for her office, to reach out for a follow-up appointment.

7. Give Access To An Online Solution
Dr. Kuhn’s patients love the convenience of an online order and at-home delivery. With personalized recommendations sent and shipped directly to them, patients never feel overwhelmed searching for supplements in a retail store. With Fullscript, there are no more extra trips to Dr. Kuhn’s office or last-minute decisions on what to get in the shopping aisle.

For older patients who don’t feel very tech savvy or might not have access to computers, Dr. Kuhn says they like that they can place orders directly after an appointment in the office with staff.

Fullscript has dedicated world class 24/7 customer support to handle over-the-phone orders, returns, shipping questions, and any other concerns that patients may have about products.

“I have been using Fullscript to fill my prescribed supplements for the past three years. After I see Dr. Kuhn, I can order the supplements that she recommends and have them be delivered quickly, to my door. Using Fullscript works well for me because I never miss taking my supplements. The technology is simple, quick, and always accurate.”
-Caroline Yates [Dr. Alanna Kuhn’s patient]

Dr. Alanna Kuhn ND

Dr. Kuhn loves how she can provide options for patients. If one modality isn’t working to support a patient, they can be supported in another way.


Dr. Kuhn completed her four-year, full-time doctor of naturopathic medicine program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine where she graduated from in 2012. Her clinical practice focuses on endocrine health, including thyroid conditions, adrenal dysfunction, and women’s hormones. Dr. Kuhn also has a particular interest in pediatrics.

Dr. Kuhn’s journey to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor began many years before she knew the profession even existed. Like many doctors-to-be, she had always been drawn to making people feel better. And after her third year of undergraduate studies, she knew she wanted to attend Naturopathic Medical School.

While working on her four-year honors degree in Community Health Sciences at Brock University, Dr. Kuhn volunteered at an orphanage for a month in Cusco, Peru. It was during her time volunteering that Dr. Kuhn realized she wanted to do more than help people feel better. She wanted to be part of her patient’s healing journey.

Now as a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Kuhn loves how she can provide options for patients. If one modality isn’t working to support a patient, they can be supported in another way.

“I wanted to provide them with options and most of all I wanted to help them heal themselves.”