Platform Updates (May)

We’re constantly working to improve the Fullscript dispensary platform based on your feedback. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to in the last few months.

Catalog Tagging

Advanced search is now available in Canada! We’ve curated over 1300 products into 31 categories to help you search for products on Fullscript, including: probiotics, herbs, proteins, omega fatty acids, and multivitamins. Find the products you want, faster.


The patient search bar is now sleeker than ever and it’s only getting better. We have big plans to expand its functionality to searching products, orders, and even help articles.

You can now find it front and center where you need it most:


We’ve also been working on styling our prescription drawer in an effort to make it easier to use:

Prescription Drawer


Prescribing through Fullscript is the best way to improve patient adherence to your supplement protocols. We’re excited to announce that Fullscript’s adherence is getting even better:

  • Changes to the emails that patients receive increased interaction rates by as much as 4%
  • Newly identified barriers to first orders were eliminated
  • Fixes applied to 18 separate issues improved the checkout experience

Here is a look at how our welcome email has changed:

Emails Before
Emails After

And here is the new patient signup page (which is now 45% faster!):

Signup Page

Integration Documentation for EHR’s

We recently launched an enhanced version of our API so that your favourite EHRs can easily integrate with Fullscript. With these integrations you can have all of the benefits of Fullscript at your fingertips, without adding complexity to your workflow.

EHR integration


You asked and we delivered! Patients now have the ability to set their autoshipment to ship every 6 weeks.


Recommendation Warning

In order to reduce errors when matching the dosage to the quantity prescribed, we’ve added a helpful warning. You can choose to ignore this message, or click it to update the units and match the dosage