The future of medicine is integrative. Watch our short documentary, as seen on CBS News.
no pain… still gain: natural ways to relieve muscle pain & cramps blog post
No Pain… Still Gain: Natural Ways to Relieve Muscle Pain & Cramps
There are various natural ways, including supplementation, that can be used to reduce muscle pain, fatigue, and even provide natural muscle spasm relief.
how sleep deprivation effects your health and wellness blog post
How Sleep Deprivation Effects Your Health And Wellness
Sleep health is supported by the tissue growth and repair that occurs while important restorative hormones are released during sleep.
keep your immune system strong, naturally blog post
Keep Your Immune System Strong, Naturally
Boosting your immune system is a preventative measure and can reduce the overall need to mend your health and wellness after the onset of sickness.
holiday essentials guide: stay healthy with supplements blog post
Holiday Essentials Guide: Stay Healthy With Supplements
Lifestyle factors to keep in mind during the holidays include adequate sleep, stress management, physical activity, and limited caffeine & alcohol intake.
are you using natural remedies for anxiety? blog post
Are You Using Natural Remedies for Anxiety?
Since anxiety can affect anyone, understanding how to deal with it by using natural remedies is important.
why whey protein?: health benefits and considerations blog post
Why Whey Protein?: Health Benefits And Considerations
Whey protein nutrition provides a full spectrum of amino acids and is considered one of the best protein sources for muscle building and workout recovery.
the cold vs the flu: reading the clues blog post
The Cold vs The Flu: Reading the Clues
The common cold and the flu are both respiratory illnesses but each has different symptoms and ailments.
daily protein requirements: how much do you need? blog post
Daily Protein Requirements: How Much Do You Need?
To keep your body functioning properly proteins are needed because they are the main building blocks of your body.
metabolism vitamins and supplements that support weight loss blog post
Metabolism Vitamins And Supplements That Support Weight Loss
If you are looking for ways to speed up your metabolism and keep your weight loss goals on track, supplements may help.