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Fullscript And OptiMantra EHR Integrate

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Fullscript And OptiMantra EHR Integrate

Through working with integrations such as EHRs, we’ve found that practitioners can improve their operations significantly. By using a Fullscript integration, optimizing areas of the business including patient-related data, supplement tracking, and overall patient care has never been easier.

Healthcare practitioners see an increase in revenue by 16%, while they use EHR integrations and also increase their recommendations by 33% per week. These stats are encouraging for practice growth goals.

As a platform, Fullscript helps practitioners dispense supplements without hassle. With our integration with OptiMantra, practitioners can now integrate their supplement dispensing activities into their electronic patient health records.

For those in the U.S., you can integrate here. For those in Canada, you can integrate here.

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The fully HIPAA compliant partnership between Fullscript and OptiMantra, allows practitioners to optimize their practice and overall patient care.

What are EHR integrations on Fullscript?

By integrating with EHRs and other medical support tools, we hope to achieve a better experience for the practitioner and their practice. Integrations avoid confusion, duplication, and extra work. Fullscript’s integrations help practitioners dispense supplements through the EHRs they use.

Benefits include:

  • Capture patient information in one organized place
  • Guide patients to all documents, recommendations, treatment plans, and other important information
  • Avoid any confusion and duplicate work

OptiMantra & Fullscript integrating

Understand this integration so that you can better decide on how it might be impactful in your day-to-day! This fully HIPAA compliant partnership offers many benefits and it’s quite easy to set up. Here’s everything to know before you start using OptiMantra with Fullscript!

OptiMantra features

OptiMantra is an electronic health record and practice management tool. It offers practitioners the ability to communicate with the patient from intake to follow-ups and everything in between; share medical records seamlessly, explore reports and keep track of all sales.

The tool is available for a variety of medical modalities including Functional Medical Professionals, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Registered Massage Therapists.

The top functions and features on OptiMantra include:

  • Find modality-specific features and functionality for effective collaboration between multi-disciplinaries and multi-practitioners
  • Integrate with labs and diagnostics
  • Bill and process insurance, in-app
  • Control payment options and POS systems
  • Things to know before you set up

Before you get started, we wanted to offer some answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: How much does this integration cost?
A: Fullscript is a completely free platform that does not carry any fees or initial costs. OptiMantra is priced out per license amount – for more information click here.

Q: How will the integration work for a multi-practitioner OptiMantra account?
A: When your Fullscript account is integrated with your OptiMantra account, all the practitioners in your OptiMantra account will have access to the Fullscript integration. You can add them as practitioners in Fullscript under “Staff Settings” for easier visibility on the recommendations they wrote.

Q: What types of practitioners use OptiMantra?
A: OptiMantra is a full EHR platform used by integrative and functional practitioners. The platform has dedicated tools built for Naturopathic Doctors, TCM practitioners, Chiropractors, and DOs.

Q: Am I able to access analytical reports to provide clinical and financial insights for my practice?
A: OptiMantra’s practice management software includes an analytics module for unique reports to provide visibility into appointment statistics, inventory tracking, taxes tracking, transactions and more.

Watch this quick 1-minute demo of the integration:

Fullscript now integrates with all your favorite EHR platforms. You can easily dispense professional-grade supplements to your patients without leaving your EHR platform.

Getting started with this integration

The OptiMantra and Fullscript integration allows practitioners to save time and enhances the patient experience, while they offer supplements for better health and wellness. Growing your practice with this integration is easy and effective.

Benefits of integrating OptiMantra and Fullscript:

  • Make supplement recommendations using the Fullscript catalog in the OptiMantra app
  • Use custom Fullscript categories and favorites in OptiMantra
  • Avoid multiple logins for patient care

Set up this integration

Follow these 2 steps to set up this integration for your practice:

  1. Find the OptiMantra clinic key in your Fullscript dispensary
  2. Connect Fullscript in the OptiMantra app

For more information on getting started, visit the OptiMantra integration page!

Contact Hala Alhafez, Fullscript’s Integration Specialist to get a demo and ask questions. We can’t wait to help optimize your practice while dispensing supplements online!

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