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An Open Letter to Our Practitioners

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Dear valued practitioner,

To say these are challenging times would be an understatement, and we know you feel it too. We’ve adjusted where and how we work, and updated processes in order to keep customers and employees safe. These changes are necessary, because we know right now we’re needed more than ever. We believe that we are more than pills in a bottle, and we must focus all our efforts on helping patients stay well and practitioners stay in business throughout this crisis.

Our platform is designed to be virtual-first. It already offers many of the features required to practice integrative medicine from anywhere. In the coming weeks, we’ll be developing an extensive virtual care learning center. We’re adding two new EHR integrations in the next month and have many more lined up. We recognize that people are facing economic uncertainty, so we’re committed to finding more ways to support affordable models of care, like virtual group visits. With that in mind, we’re about to launch a highly requested feature — the ability to write a protocol with a shareable link so you can direct a group of patients to a specific treatment plan in your virtual dispensary.

We’ve also noticed that patients are feeling disconnected, anxious, isolated, and uncertain. So we’re emphasizing the role we play in patient-practitioner engagement. In a time of crisis — especially facing such an unfamiliar threat — it can be difficult to give guidance that doesn’t over-promise. Our Integrative Medical Advisory Team is focused on building evidence-based content and decision support to help practitioners communicate effectively with patients during a health crisis. As always, we have adherence-boosting features like refill reminders, autoship, and patient wellness content to keep health goals top-of-mind. We’re committed to finding even more ways to help patients feel supported and focused on your recommendations in between appointments.

All this to say, we’re all in. Because we’re all in this together.

In health,

Fran Towey Chief Executive Officer Fullscript

Fran Towey
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jeff Gladd Chief Medical Officer Fullscript

Dr. Jeff Gladd
Chief Medical Officer

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