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NeuroScience Now Available On Fullscript!

Written Jan 11th, 2017 by Franco Varriano

NeuroScience Now Available On Fullscript!

We’re excited to announce that NeuroScience supplements are now available on Fullscript for all US practitioners.

NeuroScience offers comprehensive proprietary supplementary blends of amino acids, herbal ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that are categorized into Catecholamine, NeuroAdrenal, NeuroImmune, and Serotonin/GABA products.

You can explore all NeuroScience supplements in the Product Catalog, but here are some of the most popular NeuroScience supplements that US practitioners can now prescribe on Fullscript:

Kavinace Ultra PM

NeuroScience Kavinace Ultra PM

Kavinace (60 & 120 ct.)

NeuroScience Kavinace


NeuroScience Calm-CP


NeuroScience TravaCor

Calm G

NeuroScience Calm G


NeuroScience Balance-D


NeuroScience Calm-PRT

Focus DL

NeuroScience Focus DL


NeuroScience Focus DL


NeuroScience Immuwell

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