Monthly Dose: January 2020

January is Metabolic Health Month!

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Practitioner Education

Several nutrients are involved in maintaining a balance between hypomethylated and hypermethylated states.

A practitioner’s guide to probiotics: metabolic and cardiovascular conditions

This guide provides an overview of the available research for the clinical application of probiotics in cardiovascular and metabolic conditions.

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Methylation: how can it be supported by nutrition?

This article details the mechanisms of methylation and reviews the evidence on dietary and supplement interventions that may support methylation.

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Hypothyroidism: an integrative approach

An integrative approach to hypothyroidism may include evidence-based dietary and lifestyle interventions, supplementation, and detoxification support.

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Participatory Care: How Group Visits Are Essential to Its Growing Popularity

Running group visits in your practice can give your patients more agency in navigating their health journeys, and help you harness the power of community.

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Patient Resources

variety of nuts and seeds in wooden spoons

A variety of plant-based protein sources should be consumed on the DASH diet, such as beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds

What you need to know about metabolic syndrome

A healthy dietary pattern, certain supplements, HIIT exercise, and improved sleep have been shown to benefit individuals with Metabolic syndrome.

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The DASH diet for hypertension

The DASH diet has been proven as an effective intervention and preventive measure for a number of cardiovascular and metabolic health conditions.

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