Monthly Dose: February 2020

February is Cardiovascular Health Month!

Every month, Fullscript’s Integrative Medical Advisory Team creates educational content and resources for both you and your patients.

Practitioner Education

Oxidative stress biomarkers have been linked to increased frailty and pre-frailty.

Age-Associated Oxidative Stress Protocol

This evidence-based protocol can serve as a foundation for practitioners when building out a treatment plan for age-associated oxidative stress.

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Methylation Support: A Focus on MTHFR Polymorphisms and Folate

This article focuses on the role of MTHFR in methylation processes and the potential health implications of the relationship between folate and MTHFR polymorphisms.

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Nutrient Depletions Associated with Common Pharmaceuticals

We’ve updated our nutrient depletions chart! Download the latest version that now includes nutrient depletions associated with 21 of the top-selling pharmaceuticals in the United States.

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Patient Resources

Garlic gloves on a table

Garlic has a long history of use as a culinary and medicinal herb.

Dietary Supplements for High Cholesterol

Measures to prevent hypercholesterolemia include lifestyle modifications and the use of certain dietary supplements.

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Handout: What is High Cholesterol?

Share this simple patient handout outlining the symptoms, complications, causes, and risk factors of high cholesterol, as well as effective dietary interventions to address the condition.

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The Health Benefits of Garlic: What You Need to Know

Allium sativum has been shown to provide protective or therapeutic benefits in conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

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