Monthly Dose: April 2020

Every month, Fullscript’s Integrative Medical Advisory Team creates educational content and resources for both you and your patients.

Practitioner Education

woman with her hands closed with headphones listening to breathing app

Wellness apps are becoming increasingly popular in the current healthcare landscape to both practitioners and patients. 

Practicing virtually: an education series

We’ve gathered insights from industry experts and curated leading digital health tools to help you take your practice online — and we’re just getting started.

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Alternative ingredients for immune and respiratory support

These ingredients may be used as a means to counteract pathogens like bacteria and viruses, or in the treatment of respiratory symptoms and conditions.

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30+ Wellness Apps Recommended by Healthcare Practitioners

We asked Fullscript practitioners to give us their go-to recommendations for apps that keep themselves and their patients healthy.

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Patient Resources

woman sitting on a gym ball at her desk set up at home

Improve your patients experience working at home by helping tweak their workstation ergonomics.

Your guide to immune health: a comprehensive resource for patients

Share this guide with your patients as a resource that includes tips and food recommendations to maintain the immune system.

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Tips to stay healthy during self-isolation

During self-isolation, following regular self-care practices can help patients manage stress, support immune system, and improve overall well-being.

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10 tips to increase productivity and improve health when you work from home

Work-life balance will vary for each individual, but specific tips can help increase productivity and improve well-being when working from home.

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