Fullscript’s Integrative Medical Advisory Team has created educational content and resources for both you and your patients. The focus for October is on immune health.

Practitioner Education

man with a scarf drinking a warm beverage from white mug sitting on bed

For both the cold and the flu, you need to rely on your immune system to do its job and let the illness run its course.

Effective Inventory Management in Clinical Practice

With this guide, learn how to effectively manage dietary supplement inventory in your practice, helping your clinic and your patients thrive.

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NEW Ingredient Review: Reishi

This comprehensive ingredient review includes information on formulations, dosing and administration, adverse effects, and more.

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Protocol: Cold & Flu

Support immune function with this updated and ready-to-use protocol that can be easily implemented into your practice.

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Patient Resources

variety of foods on table

Vitamin C-rich foods include citrus fruit, strawberries, and Brussels sprouts.

Your Guide to Immune Health: A Comprehensive Resource for Patients

Share this comprehensive guide with your patients to help them understand the immune system, including the factors that can affect its function and key ways to support immune health.

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Infographic: 9 Factors Affecting Immune Health

Download and share this ready-made infographic on the factors that affect immune health.

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A Guide to Vitamin C: Health Benefits and Best Sources

Help your patients understand the role of vitamin C in health, from immune support to collagen formation.

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