Thoughts on the Road Ahead, from CEO Fran Towey

To our valued healthcare practitioners:

During the spring of 2020, our industry has experienced a massive shift to telehealth and virtual dispensing. It’s how practitioners are keeping their patients well and their businesses alive despite social distancing measures.

As states begin to open back up, clinics are also opening back up. Natural Partners is here to support your in-office dispensing needs as you start to see more patients in person again.

However, this pandemic has forced us all to take a hard look at the resilience of our businesses, and I want your practice to be set up to weather even the fiercest storm. For this reason, I’m introducing you to our free virtual dispensing platform, Fullscript.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial that practitioners consider the optimal dispensing mix. If you haven’t already set up a virtual dispensary, I welcome you to do so now in order to future-proof your practice.

Getting started on Fullscript is easy. Have a chat with our team — they’d be happy to set up your new dispensary and customize it to your practice.

Fullscript was the first virtual supplement dispensary, and it’s still the best. We launch improvements every single day. In the coming year, we’ll release some exciting new features including the fastest and most sophisticated prescribing tool on the market, shareable protocols to help you gain new patients and support group visits, and wholesale ordering directly in the Fullscript platform.

Next time something of this magnitude hits us, whether it’s another wave of the current global health crisis or something else, you won’t have to pivot your practice. You’ll already be set up to provide care from anywhere, and your patients will already be familiar with Fullscript. Your practice won’t skip a beat.

In health and solidarity,

Fran Towey Chief Executive Officer Fullscript

Fran Towey
Chief Executive Officer
Natural Partners & Fullscript