[VIDEO] There Are Better Ways to Increase Patient Adherence | Fullscript
Written Jul 8th, 2016 by Franco Varriano

[VIDEO] There Are Better Ways to Increase Patient Adherence

Do you know how much the average practitioner spends on marketing their practice?

Are you achieving prescription adherence rates above 70%?

Are you aware of tools that can lower your overhead drastically and provide consistent recurring revenue—for no cost?

The answers are here.

Our CEO Kyle Braatz attended IFM’s Annual International Conference this year and spoke directly about the methods and tools you can use that will increase your patients’ health and compliance rates. View the full presentation or look to some of the highlighted points below.

Fullscript from The Institute for Functional Med on Vimeo.

The following highlights have been summarized.

:25 - Average practitioner spending less than $200 month on marketing…It’s going to inventory.
:55 - We need low overhead practices and we need tools that can help us do that.
1:50 - Fullscript allows to dispense easily without large overhead and without needing to carry inventory.
3:25 - This isn’t just an eCommerce platform, it’s got to be a practice tool. The practitioner should recommend the products. Products dropshipped right to their door.
4:00 - We manage refills. You don’t carry any inventory. Patients can fill the prescription from anywhere. It increased adherence rates to over 70% with recommendations.
4:30 - There are better ways to increase adherence.
4:45 - We launched Point of Sale. You can check the patient out at the office.
5:35 - We decided to be able to integrate your existing inventory.
6:30 - You are getting refills to your patients even from products you’ve dispensed from your office. Normally, you might lose touch and you don’t know if they got their refill.
8:20 - Fullscript will work based on however you practice. With inventory or not, you can dispense in one integrated prescription and track refills.
9:25 - Fullscript is the best way to dispense nutraceuticals and supplements your way.
10:10 - How many people do you actually know what they’re doing in month two and three? - James Maskell, CEO of Evolution of Medicine
10:20 - These adherence tools are very powerful. - James Maskell
11:10 - We know when you’re running low on inventory. Our system gets smarter and gives you reminders or warnings.
12:15 - Every patient is different. They should be on products for a different amount of time. Refill reminders are based on individual dosages and duration.
13:35 - Do you have a system right now in your practice to remind patients to reorder certain products? If you don’t this is literally a completely free adherence tool. - James Maskell
14:45 - Fullscript becomes an extension of your practice. Fullscript makes you look really good. - James Maskell
16:00 - Try this with 5 patients. If you look at the adherence rate, you will see a significant return on investment, and that’s why we back tools like Fullscript. - James Maskell
16:50 - Sometimes it can be intimidating to get started. We have a full concierge team to learn about your practice and help you implement Fullscript for you and be there for support.

It’s simple to book a demo and get started. Schedule a call at your convenience and begin to achieve industry-leading adherence rates.

PS. The conference as a whole is exceedingly valuable for practitioners looking for the insider scoop on best practices. Check out https://www.functionalmedicine.org/ to get more information.



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