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Written Aug 19th, 2016 by Franco Varriano

How To Grow Your Practice Through Personalized Refill Management

How To Grow Your Practice Through Personalized Refill Management

Many experts and industry thought leaders have found that most integrative practitioners are missing a key element for success - a consistent process to manage and capture refills.

James Maskell, the CEO of Evolution of Medicine and the Founder of the Functional Forum, recently said that he’s traveled accross the country and very few practitioners have a proper process to manage and capture prescription refills. This means that your practice is suffering.

You’re losing money and your patients’ wellness to e-commerce sites and other sources. Furthermore, the quality of the products that your patients are finding there can’t be guaranteed.

The good news is this is exactly what Fullscript does best. Fullscript makes dispensing wellness simple for you and your patients.

By enabling you to create personalized prescriptions and capture refills at the right time for each individual patient, our software enables you to ensure they’re getting the best care possible, while growing your supplement business. The refills you aren’t capturing right now are accounting for more than 65% of the supplement revenue in other practices.

To show you exactly how big of an impact refills can have on your practice, we’ve created this case study around how Dr. Vincent Pedre, MD, the best-selling author of several books including Happy Gut and one of the Top Integrative Healthcare Practitioners in NYC, uses Fullscript in his practice.

You can download a full copy of the case study here.

Here’s what he’s said about the platform:

Since refills are so easy for my patients, I now get sales 3 to 5 months after the appointment. I love being notified when patients refill their order, and it’s wonderful to know that my patients are still compliant months after I have last seen them”.

The impact of refills alone on Dr. Pedre’s practice is immediately visible, accounting for 56% of total orders today.


Dr Pedre’s average refill value has also increased by 19%, from $90.64 to $107.86, since he started using Fullscript.


With the average delivery time for his patients’ orders at 2 business days, and more than 90% of them getting free shipping (standard shipping is completely free, in the USA, for orders with a value of more than $50) - dispensing products virtually through Fullscript has become a critical and rewarding part of his practice’ workflow.

You can download the complete case study here. To learn more about how Fullscript can help you achieve the same results and grow your practice by capturing more refills - you can book a convenient time to speak to one of our Practice Specialist here.


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