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Written Sep 24th, 2014 by Franco Varriano

The future is mobile. And so is Fullscript.

Did you know 75% of your patients check emails on their smartphone and 51% of online purchases are now made through a mobile device?

We did, and today we’re excited to launch a completely redesigned patient experience on Fullscript that is “responsive” to mobile devices. In other words, Fullscript now works seamlessly on all iPhones, iPads, Androids, and other smartphone devices.

What does this mean for you? Designing Fullscript around your patients’ needs means better patient adherence and improved patient outcomes.

Here’s an overview of the redesign:

When you send a product recommendation, it is personalized and formatted to fit on your patients’ mobile phone:

Fullscript prescription email

Once they login, they can easily access your recommendations on-the-go:

Fullscript prescription on a phone

And of course, they can easily purchase the products you recommend through a simple and intuitive mobile checkout:

Fullscript mobile

That’s it! The products will arrive at their door within a few days. We’re pretty excited and we think your patients will love it.

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