Cyber Monday can help super-charge your practice

Fullscript Cyber Monday USA deal

Cyber Monday is the largest online shopping day of the year. Your patients will be in the frame of mind to shop, so why not help them shop for things that are good for their health? The best part: an extra nudge might boost adherence to your recommendations!

Here’s how to do it:


In the early morning on Monday, November 26th apply an extra discount to your dispensary. The discount can be of your choosing – limited to the margin account you have with Fullscript. Contact us if you have any questions.

How to apply a discount on your margin account:

Click on the Log In button below
Click on Dispensary Settings
Click on Payment, adjust your profit margin, and you’re done!

Fullscript Cyber Monday US Price


Send your patients an email to let them know you’ve applied a Cyber Monday promotion to your Fullscript dispensary.

It’s that easy! Don’t forget to change your dispensary settings back to normal on Tuesday, November 27th.

Please note: As per our Acceptable Use Policy, promoting a discount online via social media or website is strictly prohibited.

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