Feature Hightlight: Virtual Prescription Tool

Fullscript’s virtual prescription tool is one of our hallmark features and is used by all of our successful practitioners.

What is it?
Virtual prescriptions allows you to send a personalized product recommendation to your patient’s email inbox. From there, it takes just a couple of clicks for your patients to complete their purchase, and they can login anytime to refer back to your prescription and reorder the products you’ve recommended. Best of all, they can do all this from their mobile phone.

You can add treatment protocols, information sheets, and of course recommended products to your recommendations so that your patients really get the personalized treatment they need.

Why is this feature important?

  • Patient adherence increases by 70% compared to a generic online store.
  • The ability to send dosage instructions and additional notes helps patients understand and adhere to their treatment plan.
  • Patients do not end up buying the wrong products or low quality brands from health food stores.
  • You can track if they have purchased the products and follow-up accordingly.
  • Patients can easily reorder online to continue with their treatment.

Ready to get started?

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