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Written Sep 25th, 2013 by Franco Varriano

Branded links, real-time inventory levels, new settings & more!

The Fullscript Team has been hard at work over the last few months making updates to improve the convenience, ease of use and overall experience of our US platform, for both you and your patients.

Here are some of the exciting updates we just rolled out:

Branded link and patient landing page

We now provide your dispensary a unique link and patient landing page that is customizable. You can change the link, add a logo and customize your own messaging on the patient landing page - personalizing it to make it consistent with you and your brand. Learn more.

Website URL for easy access

Since your dispensary now has a unique URL, you can link the URL to your website, post it to social media, or send it via email, giving easier access to your patients. This also means you can now add patients to your dispensary yourself by sending a personal invite through our platform, or they can sign up themselves by simply following your dispensary link. Learn more.

Better patient experience

We have simplified the shopping and checkout experience for your patients. They now can search the catalog by product or brand, see pictures with descriptions of the available products, and know when products are on backorder before they check out. They also have the ability to print your prescriptions and dosage instructions for easy reference.

Real-time inventory levels

You can now tell whether or not a particular product is on backorder/discontinued while writing a prescription, so you don’t recommend a product that is not available. Your patients can also now see whether or not a particular product is available before they check out, ensuring they understand the potential delay if something is on backorder.

Dispensary settings

We have updated the settings navigation in your dispensary, making it easier for you to change your margin, restrict patient access and alter notification settings. We recommend exploring all of the simple changes you can make to enhance your experience with Fullscript.

Many of our features and upgrades are based on direct user feedback, so we appreciate the support and input we receive from our practitioner and patients - thank you!

If you have any questions about these updates or would like to schedule some time with us to walk you through them, please contact us.

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