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New Features

Enhanced view of a patient’s supplement history

Posted by Franco Varriano on Feb 22nd, 2017

We are launching a series of design improvements on Fullscript to make it easier for practitioners to review patient history. With the new design, practitioners can easily review a supplement timeline for each patient complete with dosage instructions and how they might have changed over time.

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Advanced Search is Here

Posted by Franco Varriano on Oct 13th, 2016

Fullscript's new Advanced Search is here - and we know you'll love it!

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Advanced Refill Reminders

Posted by Franco Varriano on Aug 21st, 2015

Advanced refill reminders automatically sends reminders to your patients right before they run out of their products. Learn how this works and how you control the reminders in this blog post.

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Fullscript for clinics is here!

Posted by Franco Varriano on May 8th, 2015

A redesigned Fullscript now allows you to invite other practitioners and staff members in your clinic to manage your dispensary together. Learn more about this expansion and how it works!

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Prescription Templates

Posted by Franco Varriano on Feb 3rd, 2015

As a practitioner, creating supplement prescriptions can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of creating a treatment plan for a patient. Today we’re launching a feature to make creating prescriptions even faster.

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The future is mobile. And so is Fullscript.

Posted by Franco Varriano on Sep 24th, 2014

We're excited to announce the launch of a completely redesigned patient experience that is "responsive" to mobile devices.

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Treatment Plans Version 1

Posted by Kyle Braatz on Dec 12th, 2013

At Fullscript we have been working diligently to evolve our software to be more than just a dispensary. Our goal is to enhance Health Wave (based on your feedback) into a complete practice tool that benefits both you and your patient/client.

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Prescriptions Made More Intuitive

Posted by Kyle Braatz on Nov 6th, 2013

Since practitioners using the prescription feature can increase their order conversion rate from 15% to 80%, we decided to make this feature even more intuitive and efficient than before. Now you can write a prescription from anywhere inside the website. Quickly recall products using custom categories and default instructions. Bonus feature: you can now add pictures to your accounts!

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Phone order service, dashboard analytics & more!

Posted by Franco Varriano on Oct 3rd, 2013

Just when you thought we were done updating our US platform from last week, we bring you more upgrades. Our whole team has been working hard to bring you these new features - new dashboard analytics, notification centre, phone order service, and prescription through custom categories.

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Branded links, real-time inventory levels, new settings & more!

Posted by Franco Varriano on Sep 25th, 2013

You asked, we listened. Over the past few months, the Fullscript team has been hard at work making updates to improve the convenience, ease of use and overall experience of our US platform, for both you and your patients. New features include, branded link & landing page, real-time inventory levels, and many more!

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The power of Fullscript Prescriptions

Posted by Kyle Braatz on May 31st, 2013

If you haven’t started using the Fullscript Prescription feature, you have been missing out on one of the most important patient engagement and compliance tools in your Smart Dispensary.

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