man with headphones on looking at phone

Why Medical Podcasts Should Be Part of Every Practitioner’s Daily Routine

We’ve outlined 9 ways of listening to podcasts that are especially beneficial for all healthcare providers.

practitioner sitting and talking to their patient

How To Use Patient Avatars To Help Define Your Target Audience

In overall marketing, focusing on defining a target audience and a patient avatar is essential for medical practice growth.

practitioner in his office smiling

Get Creative With These Integrative Health Practice Marketing Ideas

Whether you’re focused on patient acquisition or trying to grow your private practice, a creative and integrative marketing strategy is key to your success.

practitioner talking to a patient

How Naturopathic Medicine Works & How It Could Help You

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct type of primary health care that concentrates on whole-patient wellness.

nurse showing a patient a chart

Nurse Practitioner: What They Can Help You With

Nurse practitioners bring together medical knowledge with the values and skills of nursing, and provide high-quality care in communities.

receptionist and doctor checking out a patient from the office

7 Simple Tips For Starting A Private Medical Practice On A Lean Budget

Starting a private medical practice can be stressful. Luckily, there are ways to minimize overhead costs and maximize your profits from the outset.

doctor talking to patient in office

Osteopathic Medicine: Why An Osteopath Might Be Right For You

Instead of simply focusing on your symptoms, a doctor of osteopathy considers the whole person and uses their hands to diagnose what ails you.

woman opening her refrigerator and looking inside

A Guide to Handling Supplements and Vitamins Responsibly

We’ve put together simple tips for patients and practitioners on how to responsibly dispose of expired dietary supplements and vitamins.

close up of nutrition chart with practitioner and patient leaning over looking at the chart and chatting

Registered Dietitian: Why You Should See One And What They Can Help You With

Registered dietitians are health professionals qualified to assess, diagnose and treat nutritional concerns at an individual and broader public health level.