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What You Need to Know About The Fasting-Mimicking Diet

The fasting-mimicking diet may help to promote weight loss and reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, and inflammation.

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How To Manage Chronic Pain Naturally

Certain natural pain relief interventions, such as exercise, supplements, and more, may benefit individuals with chronic pain with few adverse effects.

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What is Chronic Pain? Lifestyle Approaches and Natural Supplements for Pain

A multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain management may involve lifestyle modifications and dietary supplements, such as collagen and capsaicin.

How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Paying attention to diet and lifestyle, and possibly taking dietary supplements can help treat and prevent type 2 diabetes.

6 Herbs Proven to Lower Blood Sugar

These herbs can help to control blood sugar levels and even help with diabetes, and protecting against acute and chronic diseases.

The Surprising Effects of Caffeine on Your Body

When it comes to caffeine try and opt for natural sources of caffeine in moderation, such as coffee, green tea, and yerba mate over sugary sodas and lattes

Everything You Should Know About Dietary Supplements and Intermittent Fasting

Certain supplements, as well as the timing of taking supplements, may positively or negatively impact your fast and the intended metabolic and health effects.

Pros And Cons of Top Weight Loss Diets

The effectiveness of a weight loss diet depends on the individual and a variety of factors, including health status, metabolism, diet quality, & diet duration.

6 Tips to Stay on Track With Health And Wellness Goals

Setting health and wellness goals that are specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-related (SMART) may help increase your success.