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Top Sleep Hygiene Tips and Supplements

Consistent good-quality sleep and health go hand in hand, so improve sleep hygiene by incorporating lifestyle changes and supplements.

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Ways to Improve Your Health by Following a Plant-Based, Vegetarian Diet

Studies consistently show that eating a plant-based diet can be part of a healthy lifestyle, with a focus on the foods you choose.

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High Homocysteine: What Does it Mean for Health?

In some individuals, levels of homocysteine become elevated and may result in an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and neurological symptoms.

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The Autoimmune Protocol Diet: is it the Best Diet for Autoimmune Disease?

The autoimmune protocol diet addresses autoimmune conditions by minimizing dietary factors associated with inflammation and autoimmunity.

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HDL Function and Its Role in Cardiovascular Health

HDL type, size, function, and particle number are vital factors in protecting patients from coronary heart disease and myocardial infarctions.

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How to Improve Heart Health, Naturally: Diet, Exercise and More!

Start with a heart-healthy diet and add exercise, along with natural cardio-smart tips, to improve your heart health and cardiovascular system.

Under the proper guidance of a licensed facilitator, it is possible for an individual who is at risk to use HB as part of a more extensive treatment program.

Holotropic Breathwork: Everything You Need to Know

Holotropic breathwork (HBW) is a therapeutic breathing technique intended to help with personal awareness and emotional healing.

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Oxidation and Cardiometabolic Disease: How to Protect Your Arteries and Prevent Heart Disease

Specific polyphenol-rich foods and supplements are emerging as powerful tools to balance oxidation and support cardiometabolic health.

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Tips to Stay Healthy During Self-isolation

During self-isolation, following regular self-care practices can help manage stress, support your immune system, and improve well-being.