Catalog Updates (US) - August 2018

We’re excited to share the new products that we’ve added to the Fullscript catalog, all of which was made possible by your support and feedback!

New Products

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Brand Product
AquaOmega Aqua Omega High Potency Capsules
Douglas Labs Cardio MetX™
Douglas Labs Hydrolyzed Collagen Plus
Genestra HMF Bifido Capsules
Genestra HMF Women’s Daily
Genestra HMF Bifido Powder
Genestra HMF Multi Strain Powder
Genestra Potassium Glycinate Liquid (450mL)
Genestra Rhodiola 150 (60 caps)
Metagenics Ketogenic shake Vanilla
Metagenics Ketogenics shake Chocolate
Metagenics MetaSoup
Metagenics MethylCare
Metagenics SPM Active
Metagenics UltraInflamX™ Plus 360° – Original Spice
Ortho Molecular Reacted MultiMin
Ortho Molecular Fiber Plus Powder (446 g)
Ortho Molecular Lipitrol (60 capsules)
Ortho Molecular Super Aloe 250 (100 capsules)
Ortho Molecular Traumeric (30 capsules)
Pure Encapsulations CurcumaSorb (90 caps)
Pure Encapsulations DIM & Detox