Catalog Updates (CA) - January 2019

We’re excited to share the new brands and products that we’ve added to the Fullscript catalog, all of which was made possible by your support and feedback!

New Brands

Jigsaw Health, “The Magnesium People” have been developing science-based dietary supplements with a focus on Magnesium featuring Sustained Release Technology (w/SRT®), which controls the release of active ingredients so absorption can happen over time.

Clinical Synergy® Professional Formulas offers doctor formulated, research driven products and Advanced Integrative Protocols designed for easy implementation into clinical practice. Their multi-targeted products and protocols are recommended worldwide as effective, research-based solutions for today’s most critical health concerns.

New Products

Please click on the products below for more information.

Clinical SynergyPectaSol-C® Professional Capsule

AOR Inflammation Relief
Clinical Synergy PectaSol-C® Professional Powder
Designs for Health Insomnitol Chewable
EcoNugenics PectaSol-C® Capsules
EcoNugenics     Pectasol-C® Powder
EcoNugenics     Prostacaid
Genestra Neurogen Cognition
Genestra HMF Intensive 50
Genestra HMF Immune
Genestra English Ivy Cough and Cold
Genestra Kids English Ivy
Golden Flower Chinese Herbs Jade Windscreen
Golden Flower Chinese Herbs Children’s Jade Defense (Orange)
Golden Flower Chinese Herbs Children’s Clear Lung (Peach)
Golden Flower Chinese Herbs Gan Mao Ling
Golden Flower Chinese Herbs Bupleurum D
Golden Flower Chinese Herbs Children’s Clear and Release (Orange)
Greens First Dream Protein Chocolate
Greens First Dream Protein Vanilla
Greens First Greens First PRO
Jigsaw Health Mag SRT
NFH Cod Liver Oil SAP
NFH Agaricus Bisporus SAP
NFH Allicin SAP
Protocol for Life Balance OrthoMood
TruNiagen  TRU NIAGEN™ – 250 mg