Are warm probiotics an issue? | Fullscript
Written Jun 7th, 2016 by Franco Varriano

Are warm probiotics an issue?

Are warm probiotics an issue?

We would like to clarify something many of your patients may be concerned about this summer: warm probiotics. With the summer heat, some of your patients may be wondering whether it’s okay to take probiotics that arrive warm. The answer is, Yes. In short:

  • Probiotics are usually fine to keep outside the refrigerator for a week or two at a time. That said, it is recommended that you place the probiotics in the fridge once you receive them, and after opening them.
  • Even though they’re just fine at room temperature, we will still pack them with cold packs just to prevent excessive exposure to high temperatures during travel.
  • In most cases, the cold pack will not be cold by the time of arrival, but you can be assured it’s done its job of keeping the probiotics cool during shipment.
  • The probiotics have been tested after shipment and verified that potency is not adversely affected.
  • As a failsafe, many probiotics are shipped with “overages” to ensure potency upon arrival.

As always, we’ve got yours and your patients’ needs in mind. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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