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Fullscript for clinics is here!

Written May 8th, 2015 by Franco Varriano

Fullscript for clinics is here!


When Fullscript first started, it was built for solo practitioners who couldn’t afford to keep a physical dispensary. Over the years, we noticed that well-established multidisciplinary clinics were adopting Fullscript’s virtual dispensary in droves because not only were they disenchanted with managing inventory, but they saw a huge improvement in patient adherence with Fullscript’s prescription feature.

Up until this point, Fullscript didn’t have a good way of allowing clinics with multiple practitioners to manage their patients together. Although many clever work arounds were employed, we thought we could do better :)

You can now invite other practitioners and staff members in your clinic to use Fullscript with you, and patients can receive prescriptions from all practitioners in your office! All practitioners have the ability to customize their catalog to fit their specialities and preferences. Staff members can also create accounts to help manage the dispensary for you. They will have the ability to write prescriptions on your behalf and help patients fill their prescriptions with in-office checkout. As the clinic owner, you still retain full control of all the core settings, financial reporting, pricing, and more.

The Fullscript team is really proud of the this launch and we hope to continue making improvements based on your feedback!

Why This Matters:

Getting Started

Start by clicking on the staff button underneath your name.

Clinic staff button

You will find several account types that you can add. Here is a summary of the difference between account types & link to instructions:

Clinic Owner



Let us help you

If you have any questions, give us a call at 1 (866) 807-3828 or email us at [email protected] We respond fast!

We also offer complementary concierge services to help you and your clinic successfully implement Fullscript into your practice. Book an appointment now.

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