Fullscript’s FREE online dispensary can be integrated with your EHR.

You can now easily dispense professional-grade supplements from the industry’s largest online catalogue directly to your patients, without inventory, and without leaving your EHR platform.

Fullscript’s integration with your EHR will:

  • Easily integrate supplements into your practice, giving your patients the benefit of integrative healthcare
  • Improve patient adherence by showing you when patients fulfill orders and request refills
  • Provide an easier workflow, with all patient information in one convenient place
  • Increase your revenue by prescribing supplements via Fullscript

We have lots of room to grow, and we want to know which EHR you would like to us to integrate with next!

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Fullscript is currently available on:


Dr. Williams

“Fullscript’s integration is simple, elegant and perfectly functional. My patient’s agree and I’ve had literally 100% compliance since I started using Fullscript’s integration.”

Dr. J. E. Williams, OMD

Are you an EHR manager or developer?

Streamline your practitoners’ workflow by integrating your EHR with Fullscript’s API. It’s easy to implement and will give your EHR the competitive advantage of providing practitioners with access to hundreds of the top supplement brands. Fullscript can be seamlessly integrated with your platform in as little as two weeks, allowing you to optimize your platform with minimal resources.

The API is modularized into the following components, which can each be leveraged independently based on your needs:

  • Professional Catalog – Access the most comprehensive professional-grade nutraceutical database in the industry
  • Granular Search – Filter search of the Fullscript catalog by brand, product name, or ingredient
  • Create Prescriptions – Create nutraceutical prescriptions that are sent directly to patients via email or SMS.
  • Improve Patient Adherence – By using Fullscript’s prescribing tool, your practitioners will be able to monitor and improve patient adherence


Request Access

For access to the Fullscript API, please contact our integrations team at [email protected].

For access to the API documentation, please visit https://us.fullscript.com/docs/api/reference.