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NP and Fullscript

Dear practitioners, suppliers, and partners:

When we launched Fullscript in 2011, we were just three guys from Ottawa who wanted to build something impactful – something we could work on for the rest of our lives and wake up every day excited about where we could take it next.

We owe the integrative healthcare community a great debt, because you helped us find that mission – the mission that gets us out of bed in the morning and fans the fire behind every decision and every new feature launch.

This has never been just about supplements. It has always been about the evolution of medicine. It has always been about helping practitioners provide better care, and most importantly, helping patients commit to wellness.

I often compare the practice and consumption of integrative healthcare to pushing a boulder up a mountain. It’s hard, especially when doing it on your own. If we want integrative healthcare to succeed, to be universally accepted and thoroughly integrated with our western standards and institutions, we need the entire community to get behind that boulder and push together.

Today is a milestone for Fullscript and for our community. Our community just got a lot stronger, and our power to push integrative care up that mountain just got a lot mightier. That strength comes from two companies coming together – previous competitors that realized we had the same goal, and would be stronger if we tackled it together.

By joining forces in a merger with Natural Partners, we can focus on catapulting our technology and customer experience to completely support the patient on their path to wellness, while greatly improving our fulfilment standards and adding value to the entire ecosystem.

Thanks to this merger, Fullscript customers will benefit from the following developments in the coming months:

  • We’ll strengthen our Canadian supply chain with a new expanded East Coast distribution facility and development of a West Coast facility in the coming year.
  • We’ll finally become the FULL script! Practitioners will be able to prescribe much more than just supplements.
  • Fullscript will be a patient’s master dashboard for their health; mission control for a multi-faceted, integrative wellness plan.
  • Instead of practitioners bringing all of their own patients to Fullscript, Fullscript will also find patients and bring them to practitioners.

Integrative healthcare is hard. It’s hard for practitioners; it’s hard for patients; it’s hard for suppliers, technology companies, and distributors; it’s hard for any company dedicated to wellness. This merger makes it just a little bit easier. It’s all about taking the hassle out of integrative healthcare, and we’re excited to continue this mission with an amazing partner and now teammate – Natural Partners.

In health and solidarity,



Kyle Braatz

CEO & Co-founder, Fullscript